FIDEA is a publicly available tool aimed at allowing experimentalists to "play with" their data in an easy and at the same time exhaustive fashion within a single tool.

It can:
  • Calculate overrepresentation statistics using KEGG, Interpro, Gene Ontology Molecular Function, Gene Ontology Biological Process, Gene Ontology Cellular Component and GoSlim classifications;
  • Analyze down-regulated and up-regulated DE genes separately or together as a single set;
  • Provide interactive graphs and tables that can be modified on the fly according to user defined parameters; the user can set a fold change filter and interactively see the effects on the gene set under examination;
  • Output publication-ready plot of the graph;
  • Compare the results of several experiments in any combination.

For any information or request, please contact: fidea.biocomputing@gmail.com


If you use this web server, please cite the following references:

FIDEA: a server for the functional interpretation of differential expression analysis

Daniel D'Andrea; Luigi Grassi; Mariagiovanna Mazzapioda; Anna Tramontano
Nucleic Acids Research 2013. [doi: 10.1093/nar/gkt516 ]